DanceSecret ballet studio
Ballet classes for all in Moscow

DanceSecret ballet studio works since 2007

Ilya Kuznetsov and Sophia Kim - the teachers of the DanceSecret ballet Studio. Ilya gives classes in grades 1-3. Sophia teaches stretching, par terre, repertoire and closed the fourth class.
Why take our classes
Our experience
Ilya taught 11 years at Bolshoi Ballet Academy. His pupils are premiers and soloists of the Bolshoi theatre. Since 2015 he is Dean of the retraining department at Vaganova Ballet Academy. Sophia graduated from Bolshoi Ballet Academy as dancer and as teacher, laureate of international ballet competitions, a ballerina of "Stars of world ballet with Ilze Liepa"
Attention to details
Our goal is your joy in dance. We know all student and insist on perfect performance
In addition to concerts in Moscow International House of Music, our students are dancing in choreographic competitions and various events
Our classes
Ballet and supporting disciplines
Ballet - 900 rubles
The lessons are divided into 4 levels. The first is for beginners. The second class is for those who learn the basics of turns, spins and allegro. Music tempo of the third class close to theatre classes, combinations are difficult. The fourth class is closed to public access.
Stretching - 800 rubles
Stretching classes for those who wants to be able to maintain muscle elasticity, increase flexibility in the body and keep it in good shape.
Par terre - 800 rubles
A set of exercises lying on the floor, designed for the development of several fundamental techniques of classical dance. Lesson perfectly strengthens the muscles of the torso and legs.
How to join
Please check the schedule
Ballet classes divided into 4 classes. The first is for beginners. The second — for studying turns. The third - study of adagios and jumps. The fourth class is closed to public access. Open class on Saturdays for those who are familiar with the basics.
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Visit us
Come to the Studio 30 minutes before class.
Moscow, Lev Tolstoy str., bld. 14
We are 5 minutes from the metro Park Kultury. Entrance in the courtyard. Entry "Балетная студия". Third floor.